We process cubic zirconia using fully automatic cutting and grinding machines from Europe in conjunction with our five years of R&D and modified processing skill. Finally, we have succeeded to develop the Heart Arrow cutting method which has exact similarity to high quality diamond. This cutting method which gives an "eight-arrow" image from above and an "eight-heart" image from underneath is primarily done through a special angle design and high-brightness facet grinding approach, allowing the whole piece of zirconia to achieve a precise and greater shinning luster. We adopt the best cutting technique and best quality control to yield the most commonly used round zirconias, allowing all dimensions to reach the most precision tolerance requirements through a mechanical precision control technique. We market cubic zirconia in three brands depending on different cut designs and quality.

is the representative brand of our highest quality.

brand is offered in a near-perfection cutting approach to allow the jewelry industry to easily obtain the synthetic gemstones in close resemblance to genuine diamonds.

brand is the best choice for factories that emphasize both prices and quality.

We offer cubic zirconia in three comprehensive options for customers, being processed in similar precision cutting skill with the purpose to provide the finest quality to the jewelry and timepieces industries. Cubic zirconia is able to allow you to own gemstones in similar quality to diamond, and yet, in only one thousandth of the prices.。